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BNL Cosmology and Astrophysics Group

We are a small group within the high-energy physics arm of the Physics Department at BNL working data analysis and theory in observational cosmology: how to measure and constrain properties of dark matter, dark energy and the standard cosmological model. We are members of DES, BOSS and LSST experiments. We collaborate closely with the BNL Instrumentation Division.

We also host a small project, Quantum Astrometry, to explore ideas on quantum-enhanced optical interferometry to improve the astrometrical precision.

The group has a Wiki located at
We organize the Joint Stony Brook - BNL Cosmology Seminar.

Group Members

  ▸ Chi-Ting Chiang, Postdoctoral Research Associate, personal webpage
      large-scale structure, machine learning;
      , email:, phone: (631) 344-6126; office: 2-9 (Bldg 510)

  ▸ Morgan May, Scientist Emeritus
      LSST, non-canonical observables sensitive to dark energy;
      publications, email:, phone: (631) 344 3934; office: M1-6 (Bldg 510)

  ▸ Tom McClintock, Postdoctoral Research Associate, personal webpage
      galaxy clusters, cosmological data analysis;
      , email:, phone: (631) 344-6126; office: 2-9 (Bldg 510)

  ▸ Andrei Nomerotski, Scientist
      deputy group leader; LSST commissioning, LSST sensor effects;
      publications, email:, phone: (631) 344 8338; office: 2-3 (Bldg 510)

  ▸ Chris Sheehy, Goldhaber Fellow, personal webpage
      21-cm and CMB instrumentation and data analysis
      publications, email:, phone: (631) 344 2519 ; office: 2-10 (Bldg 510)

  ▸ Erin Sheldon, Tenured Scientist
      DES, LSST weak lensing analysis;
      publications, email:, phone: (631) 344 3117; office: 2-8 (Bldg 510)

  ▸ Anže Slosar, Tenured Scientist
      group leader; BOSS, eBOSS, LSST data analysis, neutrinos and primordial non-Gaussianity;
      publications, email:, phone: (631) 344 8012; office: 2-6 (Bldg 510)

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