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Cosmology at BNL

We are group within the high-energy physics arm of the Physics Department at Brookhaven National Laboratory working data analysis and theory in observational cosmology: how to measure and constrain properties of dark matter, dark energy and the standard cosmological model. We collaborate closely with the BNL Instrumentation Division.

We are currently focused on the Vera C. Rubin Observatory - Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST), where we are active within the Dark Energy Science Collaboration (DESC). In preparation for LSST we are making critical contributions to the Dark Energy Survey (DES). With NASA we are collaborating on LuSEE-Night, a Dark Ages path-finder telescope on the far side of the moon. We also run a small 21-cm testbed telescope on site (BMX) and were the main proponents of the Packed Ultrawideband Mapping Array (PUMA). Finally, through Quantum Astrometry Project we are exploring ideas on quantum-enhanced optical interferometry to improve the astrometrical precision.

We are looking for two new junior hires. Join us!

The banner above shows a particularly interesting linear association of galaxies from DES imaging.